“How damaging can this deception be?” you might be asking yourself. “Is a replica Louis Vuitton handbag really going to hurt me or my community?” The answers to these questions might surprise you.

Replica Louis - Let’s say that you are shopping online and come across a website claiming to sell authentic Louis Vuitton purses, and let’s pretend that the website isn’t . Chances are, if this website is not the official Louis Vuitton website, it is selling you replica Louis products. This means that you are expecting to receive an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, but instead you might get a shoddy, cheap-looking replica Louis bag.
Or what if the seller of replica Louis Vuitton is somewhat honest and tells you his bags are replica Louis, but he also tells you they are “mirror-image,” which means they are exactly the same. This will almost never be true because counterfeiters often use cheap materials and have almost no quality standards, which means it might go right from the sewing machine to the shipping box before anyone looks it over.

But the ultimate form of deception lies in the counterfeiter’s relentless need for money. If he does business in a country with relaxed copyright and trademark laws, he might be inclined to break other laws, as well, which means he might take your money and neglect to ever ship your replica Louis Vuitton products. This happens more often than you think.

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